Markus Stockhausen

My vision: Let us all create a CORONA OF LIGHT, PEACE and LOVE around the Earth, to bring forward the truth and heal the people’s hearts and minds. -

The premiere of longtonesforpeace has taken place in Cologne on Oct. 19, 2022 with great success.

September 29, 2022: New video by the MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN GROUP: HERE WE ARE

On June 17th, 2022 the newest CD FREE SPIRITS has been released by Darc Compagnion. We celebrated this event with a beautiful concert in Piacenza, Italy. Infos here

CD Cover: Free Spirits, Markus Stockhausen, Lino Capra Vaccina with Alireza Mortazavi

On Feb. 4th, 2022 the CD “ACROSS MOUNTAINS” with Vangelis Katsoulis and Arild Andersen has been released. All music was recorded online during the 2020/21 lockdown time. More infos here

On August 27th, 2021 the 3-CD set “TALES” with compositions and improvisations by the “MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN GROUP” has been released. more information here

On June 3rd, 2021 I have been awarded the German Jazz Prize in the category “Best Brass Player” and my recent CD “Wild Life” has been nominated for “instrumental album of the year”. I feel great joy and thank all people, family, friends, musicians, labels, managers who supported me for so many years.

The triple CD WILD LIFE has been released by SONY in the summer of 2020 – see more

HAMDELANEH – The LP/CD by Markus Stockhausen and Alireza Mortazavi

“Far into the stars” – The CD by Quadrivium released by OKeh/Sony, Winner of the German Echo Jazz Price 2018.


We are proud to present the CD „Eternal Voyage live“ released by OKeh/Sony in 2018

featuring Markus Stockhausen (flh), Rabih Lahoud (voc), Tara Bouman (cl), Alireza Mortazavi (santur), Hindol Deb (sitar), Jarry Singla (p) and Bodek Janke (perc).

Eternal Voyage live (Sony OKeh),

Eternal Voyage live 2018

A wonderful video of the recent project “WILD LIFE” made by WDR/ARTE-TV can be seen here.

Blog / News

The time has come that you shall remember who you are.
Forever have you been and shall eternally be.
You have come
to feel the joy of creation,
to see its beauty
and infinitely love
all there is.
For all is thyself in myriad forms.
Each moment you create yourself
and a thousand worlds around.
Your being is bliss, perfection and light.
Rejoice my friend, Rejoice
Markus Stockhausen, 1989

My Dream
I wish all people of this precious Earth to find inner PEACE, with oneself and with one’s family, friends and neighbours. Enjoy good music. Music is a vehicle to our deepest feelings, to our soul. The main message to ALL countries and leaders in this turbulent times must be to promote brotherhood / sisterhood between ALL human beings, helping, supporting each other. Let us all live that dream of a united and peaceful mankind where EVERYBODY can enjoy life. It is in our hands.

The war currently taking place in Ukraine is horrific and unjustifiable in every respect. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone who has been drawn into the conflict and through no fault of her or his own must now suffer terribly.
At the same time I am shocked to hear of reactions in Germany: citizens of Russian origin are being excluded, defamed or stigmatised and that for some people here concepts like „blame through common nationality“ must automatically lead to a common guilt of the Russians.
Is it not our task to practise empathy, understanding and compassion on all levels of human interaction? How can we hope to unite in peace within a world community if we behave in such a way? Peace will only be possible if we are peaceful in ourselves.
I would like to refer to the Worldwide Ethical Manifesto which I wrote in 2019.
Markus Stockhausen, March 5th, 2022

No more wars
Only a small minority of people on this planet is interested in wars. Some world leaders, politicians, military people, weapon makers, financiers. Maybe a few million people maximum.
But compared with the 8 billion people on this planet today, this is a very small group. Why should they have the saying always ?
Can’t we stand up as humanity, the vast majority of people and speak out loudly: NO MORE WARS ! Enough !!
So much suffering, killing is involved.
Can’t we find better ways to communicate and argue if necessary ?
In sports, olympics, championships, in art, music, theatre, politics … there are so many fields of expression where we can execute our quarrels and fight on a much more sublime level if necessary.
Let’s all be sure about our vision: NO MORE WARS ON THIS PLANET. Finish, forever !
If nobody supported wars anymore, they were finished tomorrow. All atomic weapons could and should be abolished immediately anyway – and all others too.
Let us all work on compassion, respect, support, acknowledgement of our cultural and religious differences, but, PLEASE, peacefully.
We are one humantity, and we are all responsible for the future of our children and this precious planet Earth. Let us create a collective positive vision: a beautiful and healthy environement with a loving and joyful atmosphere.
May you be blessed.

You may be interested in my Worldwide Ethical Manifesto

  • New CD by Moving Sounds: Ritual two people, one space, making the moment audible, our ritual, no words – just music.
    sample or more about Moving Sounds incl. new video.
  • Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber New CD ALBA by INSIDE OUT In July 2015 Florian Weber and Markus Stockhausen recorded together with producer Manfred Eicher for ECM in Lugano. ALBA is available now !! CD ALBA
  • “All About Jazz” review on ALBA “A welcome return to ECM for Stockhausen and an impressive label debut for Weber, Alba represents two musicians distanced by nearly twenty years but brought together through a common sense of purpose, rare intuitive abilities, and exceptional instrumental acumen and improvisational élan.” Complete article

05/10/2023 - 07/10/2023

Moving Sounds in Valencia, Barcelona und Madrid

19:30 pm Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid (Espagna) Die Fundación Goethe lädt Tara Bouman und Markus Stockhausen mit ihrem Duo MOVING SOUNDS ein für drei Konzerte.


Mateusz Smoczyński meeting Markus Stockhausen at the Krakow Jazz Week

19:30 pm Krakow, PL at the Krakow Jazz Week Mateusz Smoczyński / Markus Stockhausen International Group are the protagonists of the Seifert Jazz Days second evening concert.


Intuitive Musik in Melle mit Peter P. Bayreuther

19:00 pm Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose, Melle mit Peter Panduranga Bayreuther Violine, Piano, Gitarre, Gesang Markus Stockhausen Trompete Flügelhorn, Klavier, Gesang Zwei Zeitgenossen, die seit Jahrzehnten als Musiker und Komponisten die Essenz der Musik erforschen.


Kunst und Wissenschaft

18:00 pm Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg Mit Opernsängerin Frauke Thalacker, Prof. Ulrike Guérot, Dr. phil. Matthias Burchardt, Prof. Martin Schwab, Tom Lausen und Markus Stockhausen.

Alanus Werkhaus in Alfter, Foto: Britta Schüßling


Vom Klang zur Stille – ein musikalischer Workshop

10:30 am Alanus Werkhaus, Alfter / Bonn Tagesseminar Kreative Improvisationen mit Stimme, Instrumenten und Bewegung wechseln sich ab mit stiller Meditation.


Markus Stockhausen Group live in Erftstadt

20:00 pm Anneliese Geske Musik- und Kulturhaus, Erftstadt Markus Stockhausen Flügelhorn/Tp Jeroen van Vliet Piano, Synthesizer Jörg Brinkmann Cello Christian Thomé Drums Vier improvisierende Musiker – sie gehören zu den Besten ihres Fachs.


Markus Stockhausen Group live in Gießen

20:00 pm Kulturrathaus, Giessen Markus Stockhausen Flügelhorn/Tp Jeroen van Vliet Piano, Synthesizer Jörg Brinkmann Cello Christian Thomé Drums Vier improvisierende Musiker – sie gehören zu den Besten ihres Fachs.

Markus Stockhausen Group


Markus Stockhausen Group live in Gelsenkirchen

20:00 pm Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen Markus Stockhausen Flügelhorn/Tp Jeroen van Vliet Piano, Synthesizer Jörg Brinkmann Cello Christian Thomé Drums Vier improvisierende Musiker – sie gehören zu den Besten ihres Fachs.