Trio QUAN performing at the RADAR Festival in Varna, Bulgaria

Progressive sound scapes performed by three masters of improvisation

Markus Stockhausen I trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Stefan Poetzsch I violine, viola, electronics
Christian Thomé I drums, percussion, electronics

Intuitive Music beyound stylistic boundaries. Contemporary. Unexpected music which defies any classification. Spontaneous interactions on a high level of communication. Making the inaudible audible. The electronic enhancements are consciously and skillfully applied by all players.

The trio performes completely in the Now, nothing is preconceived. The responsability lies totally within the hands of each player, who contributes with his personal imagination, sensitivity and skills to the music.
The listener takes part in this authentic performance, witnessing the real time composition and thus becoming part of this creative process through his/her presence and listening.

The term QUAN defines the enherent potential of a given situation, which apart from the situation stays the same. In the context of QUAN nothing is final, ever evolving.

Sunday, 04. August 2024

20.00 pm - 22.00 pm


Varna, Bulgaria

A workshop with “Singing and Silence” open to everybody will be held also on Aug. 4th by Markus Stockhausen

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