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SOUND MEDITATION – Concert for all to sing along with

Markus Stockhausen plays solo flugelhorn and piano and in doing so invites all to improvise with their singing voices. It is not songs that are sung but rather the creation of a shared harmonious resonance. Moments of silence encourage a meditative mood. Sound resonates in the silence and silence is experienced during sound. We feel our inner soul being in a stronger way and our creativity is awakened. And most of all, it is a joy to contribute to the greater singing experience. It is also a journey to our true Self with the help of music – probably the most beautiful and direct way. Markus Stockhausen will give some guidance.

Interview & Press


Markus Stockhausen was born in 1957 and studied piano and classical and jazz trumpet at the music school in Cologne. For 25 years he played in the ensemble of his father, the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) who wrote numerous pieces for him. Markus Stockhasen has composed for many well-known ensembles and orchestras and performs all over the world as a trumpeter. With the concert series “Intuitive Music” he has appeared over 100 times in the Maternus church in Cologne. In 2010 he founded the International Academy for Intuitive Music. In 2005 he was awarded the WDR Jazz Prize. For musical laymen he offers workshops entitled “Singing and Silence” in the search for a sound experience that is a mediator of the soul. Markus Stockhausen is married to the clarinet player Tara Bouman, has two children and lives in Erfstadt near Cologne.


Direct contact to Markus Stockhausen

Kommentar einer Teilnehmerin der Klangmeditation beim Sing!fest in Bielefeld, 1. Juli 2016:

Gestern habe ich am Sing!fest in Bielefeld teilgenommen und möchte mich noch einmal ausdrücklich für den Raum zum Singen bedanken, den Sie geschaffen haben, es war ein sehr intensives Erlebnis. Ihre Musik hat mich sehr berührt, besonders auch das spontane Duo mit Kolja Simon.
Mich fasziniert es (und ich bin dankbar dafür, es auch selbst praktizieren zu können), dass Singen und Klang so ein wunderbarer Weg zur Präsenz im Sein sind.”
Christina Gürtler, Bielefeld

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