Your viewport: Seminars Healing Sound

Healing Sound

Intuitive singing, music-making, movement, meditation and silence

In this seminar we will investigate the influence of sound on our body and on our psyche. We sing, improvise, laugh… and we meditate together. Anyone bringing an instrument should have a basic command of it. The course is open to all friends of music and beautiful sound who are seeking the healing power of music and silence. The aim is to find the source of our own vitality. “Be who you are” could be the motto. Healing can take place when we are in harmony with ourselves. Music can help in a wonderful way. The spiritual dimension is central to this course.

“Oscillation is physics, music is (also) mathematics. Sound produces resonance which create an immediate effect. Particularly harmonious sounds have a positive influence on our whole system. It could be called an ancient science. I approach the theme in an intuitive way and encourage the participants to do the same. It is in this way that positive results can best be achieved. Everyone feels what is best for him or her. My lengthy experience as a musician helps me considerably with this gratifying work.

“I would like to thank you for the seminar in the ZIST. I was able to learn a lot about the connection between intuition, space, listening, freedom, form and collaboration from you. I feel more able to tune in on the fundamentals… and this process remains alive within me. I am truly grateful.“Mona Kreipe, Seminar Healing Sound ZIST, March 2015