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CD Cover: Celebration – Markus Stockhausen Group (2024)

2024 - Celebration

Markus Stockhausen Group featuring Tamara Lukasheva, Rabih Lahoud, Nguyên Lê, Mateusz Smoczynski, Levan Andria and Bodek Janke.

CD Cover: Rêverie, Markus Stockhausen, Luca Formentini

2023 - Rêverie

Released 2023 | The meeting of two different musical stories, each musician reacting to the other in a continuous flow of inspiration, tension and release.

CD Cover: Free Spirits, Markus Stockhausen, Lino Capra Vaccina with Alireza Mortazavi

2022 - Free Spirits

Markus Stockhausen meeting Lino Capra Vaccina Special guest: Alireza Mortazavi Composed by Lino Capra Vaccina and Markus Stockhausen Except for Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 composed by Vaccina, Stockhausen and Mortazavi Recorded by Luca Frigo and Matteo Gagliano at Elfo Studio, July 2021 Mixed by Markus Stockhausen and Stephan van Wylick Mastered by Alberto Callegari at Elfo Studios, Tavernago, (PC) Cover: Peter Pan and the young eagle, by Giuseppe Tirelli Release date and presentation concert in Piacenza, Italy on June 17th, 2022 Tolle Kompositionen, mehrfache Gänsehautmomente, eine außergewöhnliche Aufnahme mit sensationeller Akustik, hervorragend aufgenommen, mein Kompliment an Euch.

2022 - Across Mountains

Markus Stockhausen trumpet & flugelhorn, voice Vangelis Katsoulis piano & electronics Arild Andersen bass & loops The Greek pianist Vangelis Katsoulis, the German trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and the Norwegian bass player Arild Andersen have known each other since 1996 when they were involved in a project in Athens.

2021 - Tales

On August 27, 2021 the new 3-CD-set „TALES“ by the MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN GROUP has been released by o-tone music.

2020 - Wild Life

WILD LIFE, a 3-CD-set has been released in June 2020 by Sony/OKeh records. In 2021 WILD LIFE has been nominated for the German Jazz Award.

Hamdelaneh - Intimate Dialogues

2019 - Hamdelaneh

- intimate dialogues - Published 2019 | Music by Markus Stockhausen and Alireza Mortazavi, mixed by Simon Stockhausen.

Eternal Voyage live 2018

2018 - Eternal Voyage live

- East and West meeting in music - Published 2018 | Music by Markus Stockhausen. Eternal Voyage consists of the following musicians: Markus Stockhausen, Rabih Lahoud, Tara Bouman, Alireza Mortazavi, Hindol Deb, Jarry Singla and Bodek Janke.

CD-Cover Far into the stars

2017 - Far into the stars

Released 2017 | Music by Markus Stockhausen, Jörg Brinkmann, Angelo Comisso, Christian Thomé. Mixed by Walter Quintus, produced by Markus Stockhausen.

CD-Cover Explorations

2017 - Explorations

Markus Stockhausen conducting the masterclass for Intuitive Music and More at San Quirico Im Januar 2017 ist eine neue CD erschienen bei Da Vinci, Japan/Italien.

2016 - Alba

Released 2016 | with Florian Weber and Markus Stockhausen Alba is the premiere recording of trumpeter Markus Stockhausen’s duo with pianist Florian Weber, a formation in existence for some six years now.

2015 - Ritual

Performed by MOVING SOUNDS – Tara Bouman, Markus Stockhausen two people – one space – making audible the moment in sound – our ritual – no words… just music.

2015 - Atlas EP

Published as Long Play in 2015 | Music by Markus Stockhausen and Martux_m Crew. Electric music on side A and only acoustic music on side B.

2014 - The Silence of Trees

with Fred Hageneder, Markus Stockhausen, Sridhar Krishnamurti, Tom Parry, Kiku Day, Helen Sherrah-Davies, Thomas Kannmacher, Christoph Schumacher, Ian Melrose.

2013 - Markus Stockhausen and the Metropole Orkest

A testimonial to the terrific cooperation of the multi-stylistic composer and the exceptional orchestra unique in all of Europe.

2009 - spaces & spheres

Released in 2009 | with Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Stefano Scodanibbio, Fabricio Ottaviucci and Mark Nauseef.

2013 - Goodbye my Joy

Released in 2013 with Marcin Luczaj, Marcin Grzegorczyk, Marek Zak, Krzysztof Pakula, Markus Stockhausen.

2012 - Stabat Mater

Released in 2012 | music by Angelo Comisso with Markus Stockhausen, Angelo Comisso, Christian Thomé, the Women’s Choir Látomás under the direction of Diana d’Alessio.

2012 - Ein Glasperlenspiel

Commissioned work by and with Markus Stockhausen for the unique Norddeutsche Philharmonische Akkordeon Orchester International – which unfortunately no longer exists.

2011 - Fugara

The Quartet’s – Stockhausen/van Kemenade/Busch/Ounaskari – first performance at the Pianolab at the Birmhuis/Amsterdam in December 2011, as part of a concert series organized by the Goethe Institut and Gallery of Tones.

2011 - Beam

Released in 2011 | with Markus Stockhausen, Martin Fondse, Bart van Dongen, Yonga Sun, Richard van Kruysdijk, Andreas van Zoelen, Miguel Boelens, Herman van Haaren, Jacqueline Hamelink, Hans Sparla.

2010 - Aegean World Jazz

German-Greek Jazz-Meeting at the Goethe Institut on November 21, 2010. Athens in cooperation with the Onassis-Cultural Center with Markus Stockhausen, Sami Amiris, Antonis Ladopoulos, Vassilis Rakopoulos, Periklis Trivolis.

2010 - Eternal Voyage

new, universal one world music… The Cologne trumpeter and composer, Markus Stockhausen is well known for his versatility, and this is further demonstrated in „Eternal Voyage“, the debut album of his new, world-music ensemble.

2009 - Oliver's Adventures

A musical story for children. A suite of nine pieces for children’s orchestra and children’s choir with dance and narrator.

2009 - Symphonic Colours

Jazz meets Symphony – Markus Stockhausen is one of the most versatile musicians of our time, being equally at home as trumpeter, improviser and composer, in jazz, contemporary and classical music.

2008 - Electric Treasures

„Treasures I can lift…“ featuring Markus Stockhausen, Vladyslav Sendecki, Arild Andersen and Patrice Héral.

2008 - Blauklang

Released in 2008 | With Niguyên Lê , Markus Stockhausen, Claudio Puntin, Steffen Schorn, Frank Sackenheim, Arkady Shilkloper, Jon Sass, Lars Danielsson, Ulla van Daelen, Peter Erskine, Christopher Dell, String Quartet Red Urg 4.

2008 - Tanzendes Licht & Trimorphum

Markus Stockhausen with the Swiss Jazz Orchestra and the Camerata Bern. Tanzendes Licht is one of his finest compositions.

2008 - Symbiosis

Exciting rhythms, scintillating harmonies, vibrant strings and the soaring virtuosity of the two soloists.

2008 - No matter

Released in 2008 | with Mark Nauseef, Kudsi Erguner, Markus Stockhausen, Bill Laswell. Available directly from the Artist.

CD-Cover "Pontes Vivas"

2008 - Pontes Vivas, Live Bridges

Veröffentlicht 2008 I von und mit Sérgio Rojas, Markus Stockhausen. Erhältlich bei Amazon oder direkt beim Künstler.

2008 - Other presences

Released in 2008 | With Markus Stockhausen. Works by Jonathan Harvey, Kaffe Matthews, Lawrence Casserly, Gilbert Nouno, Evelyn Ficarra, Daniel Biro, Anna Harvey, John Palmer.

2007 - Es war einmal

Following the great success of the first CD “Lichtblick – prima, altrove …” by Markus Stockhausen, Angelo Comisso and Christian Thomé, the trio presents here its second album.

2007 - Streams

Markus Stockhausen’s congenial cooperation with Ferenc Snétberger began at the 1999 recording of “Landscapes” for Snétberger’s CD “For My People” at the Budapest recording studio.

2007 - Abendglühen

Markus Stockhausen & brass choirs of the Protestant Church ABENDGLÜHEN is a work commissioned by the German Protestant Church to celebrate the 31st German Protestant Church Congress 2007 which took place in Cologne.

2006 - Angel Dances

Angel Dances 
Released in 2006 | Markus Stockhausen and the 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonics.

2006 - Flowers of now

Released in 2006 | Intuitive music with Vera Fischer, Tara Bouman, Deborah Walker, Luca Formentini, Markus Stockhausen recorded in St.

2006 - Ergskkem

Released in 2006 | with Markus Stockhausen, Gianni Lenoci, Giorgio Dini. Available at Amazon and iTunes.

CD-Cover "Le Mans Jazz Festival"

2006 - At Le Mans Jazz Festival

Veröffentlicht 2006 I mit Joëlle Léandre, William Parker, Paul Lovens, Mark Nauseef, Irene Schweitzer, Sebi Tramontana, Markus Stockhausen, Carlos Zingaro, India Cooke, Maggie Nicols.

2006 - Road Movie

Released in 2006 | with Antoine Hervé, Michel Portal, Stèphane Guillaume, Markus Stockhausen and others.

2005 - Lichtblick

Resounding clarity floods the soundstage on as Stockhausen’s brass instruments produce full bodied, bell shaped tones of authority.

2005 - nonDuality

High voltage improvisations – the last CD released together by Markus & Simon Stockhausen. Markus Stockhausen teams with his brother, saxophonist and synthesizer player Simon Stockhausen, on another impeccably recorded program.

2005 - Tapaleit

Released in 2005 | Music by and with Paul Dunmall, Markus Stockhausen, Philip Gibbs. Available commercially.

2004 - Joyosa

Released in 2004 | “Highly accomplished chamber jazz” with Markus Stockhausen, Ferenc Snétberger, Arild Andersen, Patrice Héral.

2004 - Musica Porosa

Released in 2004 | With Markus Stockhausen, Tara Boman, Ensemble Dissonanzen |. Porosita I-VII | Available at Amazon and commercially.

2004 - Thinking About

MOVING SOUNDS – Tara Bouman & Markus Stockhausen. 
“Intuitive music and compositions” is the heading of their first Duo-CD.

2003 - Panta Rhei

Released in 2003 | with Johannes Tonio Kreusch, Markus Stockhausen. Available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and commercially.

2003 - Contemporary.

Solo album featuring Tara Bouman on clarinet and basset horn. When dutch clarinettist Tara Bouman explores new sound terrain, her joy in experimenting doesn’t meet any borders.

2003 - Bix

Released in 2003 | with the Tiger DIxie Band, Markus Stockhausen, Lucia Minetti, et al. Available at Amazon or directly from the artist.

2003 - Snatches

Released in 2003 | with Peter Eötvös, Markus Stockhausen marco Blaauw, Omar, Ebrahim, musikFabrik (Ensemble for new music), the BBC Symphonic Orchestra, Lázló Göz, the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Béla Szakcsi, Gábor Gadó.

2003 - Gazing Point

Released in 2003 | under the direction of Mark Nauseef with Mark Nauseef, Kudsi Erguner, Markus Stockhausen.

2002 - Dedalo

Released in 2002 | Music by Gianluigi Trovesi, with Markus Stockhausen, Nguyen L é, Fulvio Maras, Tom Rainey, WDR Big Band.

2002 - Mozart, La Nuit

Released in 2002 | with Antoine Hervé, Arnaud Franck, Baba Israël, Didier Lockwood, François Moutin, Louis Moutin, Markus Stockhausen.

2001 - Electric Sufi

Released in 2001 | with Dhafer Youssef, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Markus Stockhausen, Deepak Ram and others.

2001 - Offenbarung und Untergang

Texts spoken and selected by Klaus Löwitsch Georg Trakl, Offenbarung und Untergang (Revelation and Ruin) Fühmanns Kontroverse mit Trakl (Fühmann’s Controversy with Trakl).

2001 - Close to you - In deiner Nähe

These are sounds that touch. Markus Stockhausen generates them in his monthly concert series in Cologne’s Südstadt with his trumpets, the silence and the wonderful accoustics of the interior of the church of St.

2000 - Solo I

Miniatures of other-worldly beauty. The experiences made in his more than 20 years on stage concentrate in Markus Stockhausen’s improvisations, expressed in a very personal manner in this work.

2000 - Musica Sacra

Premiered at the Rhinish Church Music Celebration in 2000 | with the composers Michael-Christfried Winkler, Martin Herchenröder and Henning Frederichs.

2000 - Karta

Released in 2000 | with Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, Patrice Héral, Terje Rypdal. A great musical moment on the threshold to the new millennium.

1999 - For my people

Released in 1999 | with Ferenc Snétberger, Markus Stockhausen, The Franz List Chamber Orchestra – Budapest.

1999 - Malak

Released in 1999 | Music by Dhafer Youssef, with Dhafer Youssef, Markus Stockhausen, Nguyen Lé, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Patrice Héral, Jatinder Thakur, et al.

1998 - Dockings

Released in 1998 | with Michel Portal, Joey Baron, Steve Swallow, Markus Stockhausen, Bruno Chenillen, Bojan Zulfikarpasic.

1998 - M. Stockhausen plays K. Stockhausen

Released in 1998 | with Markus Stockhausen, Niek de Groot, Annette Meriweather | Pieces played: Aries, In Freundschaft, Halt and Pietà.

1997 - Through the Dark

Released in 1997 | with Vangelis Katsoulis, Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, David Lynch, Yorgos Kontrafouris, Spyros Panagiotopoulos, Vangelis Katsoulis, Nicos Touliatos, Savina Yannatou.

1997 - Honig und Asche

Released in 1998 | with Michael Riessler, Elise Caron, Markus Stockhausen, Thomas Herberer, Yves Favre, Michel Svoboda, Michael Nick, Marco Ambrosini, Jaques di Donato, Jean-Louis Matinier, Renauld Garcia-Fons, Carlo Rizzo, Robby Ameen.

1997 - Stories among friends

Released in 1997 | with Minas Alexiadis, Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, David Lynch, Nikos Sidrokastritis, Tania Nikoloudi, Margarita Singeniotou, Christos Ghinos, Dimitris Efstratiadis.

1997 - Still light (for Paracelsus)

Released in 1997 | with Markus Stockhausen, Miroslav Tadic, Mark Nauseef. Available at Amazon and commercially.

1997 - Invention is you

Released in 1997 | with Antoine Hervé, Markus Stockhausen, François Moutin, Louis Moutin, Arnaud Franck.

1997 - Sin Tiempo

Released in 1997 | with Enrique Díaz, Charlie Mariano, Markus Stockhausen, Mike Herting, Michael Küttner.

1996 - Gillespiana

Released in 1996 | Lalo Schifrin and the WDR Big Band with Jon Faddis, Paquito D’ Rivera, Heiner Wiberny, Alex Acuna, John Riley, Markus Stockhausen.

1996 - 3 Premieres

Released in1996 | Markus Stockhausen und musicians from Lithuania playing Compositions of the Lithuanian Composer Osvaldas Balakauskas, Remigius Merkelys, Bronius Kutavičius.

1996 - Klangräume

Released in 1996 | with Christian Bollmann, Pauline Oliveiros, Markus Stockhausen, Garry Thomas, Jens Zygar, Overtone Choir Düsseldorf under the direction of Christian Bollmann.

1996 - Jubilee

Released in 1996 | with Markus and Simon Stockhausen, Benjamin Schmid, Alban Gerhardt, Michael Heupel, Jo Thönes, WDR Big Band et al.

1995 - Antakarana

Released in 1995 | All compositions by Monica Meggendorfer, with Monica Meggendorfer, Markus Stockhausen, Charlie Mariano, Michael Heupel, Christoph Haberer, Markus Noichl, Holger Roder, Sarangerel Cerewsamba, Pürewsüren Bjambaa.

1995 - Sol Mestizo

Released 1995 | Markus Stockhausen plays the music of Enrique Diaz, with Enrique Diaz, Philip Catherine, Chano Dominguez, Simon Stockhausen, Jochen Schmidt, Thomas Alkier, Filipe Mandingo, Juanita Lascarro, Alexandra Naumann, Pia Miranda.

1995 - Possible Worlds

Released in 1995 | with Markus Stockhausen, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Rohan de Saram, Simon Stockhausen, Ramesh Shotham.

1995 - Nah und Fern

Released in 1995 | by Mauricio Kagel, with Markus Stockhausen, Marco Blaauw, Andreas Adam, Achim Gorsch.

1995 - Clown

Released 1995 | with Markus and Simon Stockhausen, Heiner Wiberny, Peter Arrow, Frank Struck, Peter Tiehuis, Paul Shigihara, Dave King, Willy Ketzer, Felipe Mandingo.

1994 - 7 Psalmen

Released 1994 | Meditation in word and sound. By and with Markus and Simon Stockhausen and Noirin Ní Riain, Father Friedhelm Mennekes SJ and Christoph Schumacher.

1993 - Aparis - Despite The Fire-Fighters' Efforts ...

Released in 1993 | With Markus Stockhausen, Simon Stockhausen and Jo Thönes. Music: Simon and Markus Stockhausen.

1993 - New Colours of Trumpet and Organ

released in 1993 | with Markus Stockhausen, Margareta Hürholz | Works by M. Lonquich, A. Jolivet and K.

1993 - The war of the sons of light against the sons of darkness

Released in 1993 zur Venice Biennale | with Simon Stockhausen, Markus Stockhausen, Hanna Schygulla, Masha Itkina, Samuel Fuller, Jérome Koenig, Enrico Lo Verso.

1993 - New Colours of Piccolo Trumpet

Released in 1993 | with Markus Stockhausen and the Detmold Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Christoph Poppen.

1993 - Oberlippentanz Ave Tierkreis

Released in 1993 | with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Markus Stockhausen, Michael Swoboda, Gernot disc, Gaby Webster, Ralph Warne, Marcie McGaughey, Robyn Schulowsky, Mircea Ardeleanu, Suzanne Stephens, Kathinka.

1992 - Live in Concert

Released in 1992 | with Markus Stockhausen, Olga Nobel, Ford Sinfonie-Orchester. Music by Arutjunjan, Dvorák, et al.

1992 - Tocando la tierra

Released in 1992 | with Enrique Diaz, Markus Stockhausen, Peter Walter, Christoph Schumacher, Rubén Cáceres Valenzuela at Jazz Haus Musik.

1992 - Michaels Reise

Released in 1992 | by Karlheinz Stockhausen, with Markus Stockhausen, Suzanne Stephens, Ian Stuart, Lesley Schatzberger, Michael Svoboda, Katinka Pasveer, Andreas Boettger, Isao Nakamura, Michael Obst, Simon Stockhausen, Karlheinz Stockhausen.

1991 - KölnMusik Fantasy

Release Date 1991 | Composed and performed by Markus and Simon Stockhausen. Three different editions have been issued from this CD, in part with bonus tracks.

1990 - Aparis

Released on ECM in 1990 | with Markus Stockhausen (tp/flh), Simon Stockhausen (sax/keys), Jo Thönes (dr).

1990 - Mitteleuropa

Released in 1990 | with Mario Fragiacomo, Markus Stockhausen, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Diane Rama, Roberto Aglieri, Roberto Favela Jr.

1989 - City of eyes

Released in 1989 | with Ralph Towner, Markus Stockhausen, Paul McCandless, Gary Peacock, Jerry Granelli.

1989 - Cosi Lontano

Released in 1989 | with Markus Stockhausen, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Gary Peacock, Zoro Babel. Available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and commercially Music: Markus Stockhausen, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Gary Peacock, Zoro Babel So Far… Cosi Lontano .

1987 - Beings

Released in 1987 | by and with Markus Stockhausen, Zoro Babel. CD or LP. Available at Amazon or directly from the artist.

1985 - K.H. Stockhausen dirigiert Haydn

Released in 1985 | Karlheinz Stockhausen conducts the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, featuring Kathinka and Markus Stockhausen.

1983 - Continuum

Released in 1983 | with Rainer Brüninghaus, Markus Stockhausen, Fredy Studer. A timeless work of mastery.

1983 - Sura

Released in 1983 | with Mark Nauseef, Joachim Kühn, Markus Stockhausen, Trilok Gurtu, Kamalesh Maitra, Herbert Försch et al.

1980 - Aqua Sansa

Released in 1980 | with Markus Stockhausen, Jasper van’t Hof. This Vinyl has been reprinted in 2016 by Archeo Recordings, but is sold out right now.

1979 - Ocean Orchestra

Released in 1979 | with Herbert Grönemeyer, Bernt Laukamp, Bruce Miller, Alexander Sputh, Markus Stockhausen, Jon Eardley, Klaus Heimann, Bernt Laukamp, Heiner Wiberny, Uwe Haselhorst, Ursula Schmidt, Claus Ostendorf, John Wawersik, Alexander Sputh.

1977 - Key

Released in 1977 | with Markus Stockhausen, Rainer Linke, Kurt Billker, Reinhard Schmitz and Hugo Read.

Discography by Markus Stockhausen