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Compositions by Markus Stockhausen

2013 The Awakening Heart

On March 27th, 2013 we experienced the world premiere in Hamburg of Markus Stockhausen’s latest orchestral work, “The Awakening Heart” for 3 soloists, jazz drums and symphony orchestra, performed by the Hamburger Symphoniker under the direction of Prof.

2012 - Ein Glasperlenspiel - A Glass Bead Game

Concerto for Solo Trumpet, Harp and Akkordeon Orchestra Comissioned by the “Norddeutsches Philharmonisches Akkordeon-Orchester Cuxhaven e.

2011 - Gezeiten

Composition for outdoor performance of numerous instrumentalists and singers GeZEITen had been comissioned by the 25.

2011 - Felice

was composed as an encore piece for the Metropole Orchestra. It was premiered on June 25th, 2011 at the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam for the Holland Festival and conducted by Jules Buckley.

2011 - Yin & Yang

YIN and YANG were commissioned by the Metropole Orchestra. I wrote them between March and May of 2011.

2009 - Oliver's Adventures

A musical story for children’s orchestra and choir, dancers and a narrator, in nine parts From the music to the background: How the story came about.

2008 - Tanzendes Licht

for solo trumpet, big band and string orchestra Dancing Light (2007) was commissioned by the Camerata Bern and the Swiss Jazz Orchestra, as a homage to Paul Klee.

2008 - Relief

On the occasion of a Christmas concert with string quintet in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall in 2006, Markus Stockhausen wrote this composition to feature Tara Bouman on clarinet.

2007 - Symbiosis

for clarinet and bass clarinet, trumpet and flugelhorn, string orchestra. SYMBIOSIS is a double-concerto for clarinet (with bass-clarinet), trumpet (with flugelhorn) and string orchestra.

2007 - Abendglühen

for solo trumpet and brass choirs (all kinds of brass players, can be performed also with lots of woodwinds incl.

2006 - Miniatur einer Seelenreise

for flugelhorn (trumpet) and 12 celli – or string orchestra. Miniatur einer Seelenreise (Miniature of a Soul´s Journey) was written in February 2006 as a commission for the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

2005 - Any Way

for Solo Trumpet, Soprano and Ensemble (2005). ANY WAY was commissioned by Martyn Brabbins for the Cheltenham Music Festival 2005 and performed by the Cheltenham Festival Players under M.

2005 - Sowieso

for Jazztrio, composed in 2005. Markus Stockhausen was asked to compose a jazz piece that was first to be performed at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, and then to create a second version of the same music arranged for the Cheltenham Festival Players with all together 10 instruments.

2003 - Sonnenaufgang

for jazz trio and orchestra It was early in the morning on the island La Palma in the Canaries. We were on the highest mountain, 2400 metres above sea level, and the splendour of the stars in the night sky was gradually fading into dawn.

2003 - Ascent And Pause

Ascent and Pause, composed in 2003, was commissioned by Mario Brunello, ‘cellist and leader of the Orchestra d’Archi Italiana, for the Milan concert series “Note depinte” (Painted Notes).

2002 - Inseln & Vorspiel

für Violine solo (2002) Der Geiger Konstantin Gockel bat mich im Jahre 2002 für ihn eine Komposition zu schreiben.

2002 - Karen

for two melody instruments (2002) This small composition Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen often played at the beginning of a concert in churches, where they came in playing from behind the public, walking left and right inside the church to the front and ending the piece only there.

2002 - Choral - Sehnsucht

CHORAL. The theme was written for the late “Jazz Pope” Joachim Ernst Berendt, on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

2001/2003 - Tara & Portrait for Tara

The composition TARA for Solo Bassett Horn was written in 2001 for the Dutch clarinetist Tara Bouman.

1998 - The Golden Light

for four trumpets and choir (1998) This composition was commissioned by the RIAS-Kammerchor Berlin, directed by Marcus Creed.

1998 - Christus

for mixed choir a capella, a big drum and solo trumpet ad lib. Christus (Christ) was composed in Caen, at my sister Suja’s house, while I was visiting her in 1998.

1998 - Vier Lieder

lyrics by Else Lasker-Schüler Originally I composed these four songs for the film Berlin-Jerusalem by Amos Gitai with the actress Hanna Schygulla.

1997 - Modules

10 Modules for large Jazz Ensemble and one Soloist (1997). MODULES had been commissioned by Wolfgang Hirschmann for the WDR Big Band Cologne and was first performed on Dec.

Compositions by Markus Stockhausen

  • DAS ERWACHENDE HERZ for Tenor, Clarinet, Trumpet and Orchestra, 2013
  • EIN GLASPERLENSPIEL Concerto for Solo Trumpet, Harp and Accordeon Orchestra, 2012
  • GEZEITEN for many Wind and Brass Players, Choirs and Accordeons, 2011
  • YIN & YANG and FELICE for Big Band, Woodwinds and String Orchestra, 2011
  • FIVE PIECES for Trumpet and Vibrafone, 2010
  • OLIVERS ABENTEUER for Children’s Orchestra, Choir and Dancers, 2009
  • TANZENDES LICHT for Solo Trumpet (Flugelhorn), Big Band and String Orchestra, 2008
  • SYMBIOSIS for Clarinet, Trumpet and String Orchestra, 2007
  • ABENDGLÜHEN for Solo Trumpet and Brass Choirs, 2007
  • MINIATUR EINER SEELENREISE for Flugelhorn (Tp) and 12 Celli, 2006
  • MINIATUR EINER SEELENREISE version for Flugelhorn (Tp) and String Orchestra (2007)
  • RELIEF for Clarinet and String Ensemble, 2006
  • SOWIESO for Jazz Trio, 2005
  • ANY WAY for Jazz Trumpet and Ensemble, 2005
  • PORTRAIT FOR TARA for Basset Horn and large Ensemble, 2003
  • SONNENAUFGANG for Jazz Trio and Orchestra, 2003
  • ASCENT AND PAUSE for Trumpet and String Orchestra, 2003
  • VORSPIEL and INSELN for Violin, 2002
  • SEHNSUCHT for Jazz Trio and Orchestra, 2002
  • SEHNSUCHT for Jazz Trio and Orchestra, 2002
  • CHORAL for Jazz Trio, Brass and String Orchestra, 2002
  • TARA for Basset Horn solo, 2001
  • THE GOLDEN LIGHT for Trumpet Quartet and Choir, 1999
  • CHRISTUS for Choir and low Drum, 1998
  • MODULES for large Jazz Ensemble with a Soloist, 1997
  • VIER LIEDER / FOUR SONGS, lyrics by Else Lasker-Schüler, 1988

Compositions by Markus Stockhausen for Symphony Orchestra

  • DAS ERWACHENDE HERZ for Tenor, Clarinet, Trumpet and Orchestra, 2013 (60 Min.)
  • SONNENAUFGANG, CHORAL and SEHNSUCHT für Jazz Trio and Orchester (25’, 10’, 15’)

Compositions by Markus Stockhausen with String Orchestra

  • SYMBIOSIS for Clarinet, Trumpet and String Orchestra, 2007 (30’)
  • RELIEF for Clarinet and String Ensemble, 2006 (7’)
  • ASCENT AND PAUSE for Trumpet (also Flh) and String Orchestra, 2003 (18’)
  • MINIATUR EINER SEELENREISE for Flugelhorn (Tp) and String Orchestra, 2007 (11’)

Small Compositions

in the course of the years many small compositions were written for different jazz projects, or for the duo MOVING SOUNDS. At a later point these works may be published together.

  • ANNE
  • JOY