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Markus Stockhausen (b. 1957) is one of the few trumpet soloists who can move effortlessly between contemporary music, classical music and modern jazz.

For trumpeters

You can read about the collaboration with my father in the section “With Karlheinz Stockhausen”. There I have also listed the works that he composed for me.

With Karlheinz Stockhausen

I grew up in my mother’s house in Cologne-Marienburg. My parents separated when I was at the early age of seven.

Buch: Im inneren Garten

Ab September 2019 erscheint die 2. erweiterte Ausgabe meines Buches: mit Aphorismen, Gedichten und Texten Hier einige Leserkommentare:.


To all members of the European Parliament, to the governments of Russia, the USA and Great Britain: Stop this war! Dear Madam, dear Sir, From the depth of my heart, I implore you to do everything possible to stop the horrible war between Russia and the Ukraine.

Network for Peace

A spiritual association of many people around the world who are committed to peace. no to violent aggression no warmongering no to arms production and the sale of such to warring parties or others committed to resolving conflict peacefully through dialogue seek to analyse and understand the root causes of conflicts always be open and respectful to those who think differently

Klimawandel - multiple Ursachen

Ich sehe die starken Wetterveränderungen wie alle anderen auch. Ich leugne sie keineswegs. Aber es gab immer wieder in der Vergangenheit starke Temperatur- und Wetterschwankungen auf der Erde.

5G - eine strahlende Zukunft?

5G Informationen

Ich habe diese Seite erstellt, damit sich möglichst viele Menschen informieren können über 5G (5. Generation Mobilfunk).