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Wild Life Trio

Intuitive Music created in the Now, Real Time Composing – instrumental und electronic sounds which are simultaneously created from the acoustic signals. Quadrophonic sound projection, plus an interactive visual real time video animation (realisation by Simon Stockhausen).

Markus Stockhausen I trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Simon Stockhausen I synthesizer, saxofone, digital visuals
Christian Thomé I drums, percussion, electronics

This WILD LIFE Trio is a smaller ensemble related to the seven piece band WILD LIFE .

CDs by Markus and Simon Stockhausen:

Aparis (ECM 1990)
Köln Musik Fantasy (KM 1991)
Despite the fire fighter’s efforts (ECM 1993)
The Sons of Light, mit Hanna Schygulla (AGAV 1993)
Sieben Psalmen (EMI classics 1994)
Clown (EMI classics 1995)
Sol Mestizo mit/von Enrique Diaz (ACT 1996)
Possible Worlds (CMP 1995)
Jubilée (EMI classics, 1996)
nonDuality (Aktivraum 2005)
Wild Life (Sony/OKeh 2020) – with Christian Thomé

Fotos by Stefan Kolpatzik and Werner Pillig at the trio’s first performance in Düsseldorf, Germany in November 2019 at the DIGITALE Festival.

  • WILD LIFE TRIO – B.o.B. Berühren ohne Berührung, Vol. 5 – M. Stockhausen, S. Stockhausen & C. Thome