Free Spirits

Markus Stockhausen meeting Lino Capra Vaccina
Special guest: Alireza Mortazavi

Composed by Lino Capra Vaccina and Markus Stockhausen
Except for Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 composed by Vaccina, Stockhausen and Mortazavi

Recorded by Luca Frigo and Matteo Gagliano at Elfo Studio, July 2021
Mixed by Markus Stockhausen and Stephan van Wylick
Mastered by Alberto Callegari at Elfo Studios, Tavernago, (PC)
Cover: Peter Pan and the young eagle, by Giuseppe Tirelli

Release date and presentation concert in Piacenza, Italy on June 17th, 2022

Tolle Kompositionen, mehrfache Gänsehautmomente, eine außergewöhnliche Aufnahme mit sensationeller Akustik, hervorragend aufgenommen, mein Kompliment an Euch.“
Georg Retterath, 10.08.2022

Danke für die sehr schöne spirituelle Musik freier Geister.“
Ulrich Spiegel, 17.11.2022

CD Cover: Free Spirits, Markus Stockhausen, Lino Capra Vaccina with Alireza Mortazavi

Free Spirit
Markus Stockhausen – trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Lino Capra Vaccina – vibraphone, gong, chimes, cymbals, timpani, drums
Alireza Mortazavi – santur

01. Free Spirits 10:19
02. Face to Face 07:50
03. Rising Sun 07:38
04. Changing Worlds 08:09
05. Human Research 06:39
06. Inland Sea 04:02
07. Burning Cry 05:05
08. Venus in Scorpio 03:36
09. Divine Experiment 04:54
10. Thankfulness 11:22
11. Mystery 05:09

Veröffentlicht Juni 2022 |

Erhältlich beim Künstler: music

Liner notes: Free Spirits

This extraordinary music is the direct result of Max Marchini’s inspired idea to invite two very different musicians to come together in the spirit of mutual collaboration. Lino and Markus always had great respect for each other, but it wasn’t until they were brought together in a recording studio that they each immediately recognized a like-minded spirit and produced music that is truly exceptional. Alireza joined them shortly after.
All three musicians are sensitive in their own way and at the same time intense, fiercely independent and yet sympathetic and finely attuned to each other. It was a revelation both to them and to those present at the session to hear the way they worked together, how closely their sensitivities matched and the music evolved as naturally as if they had been playing together for years.
The sound ambience seems very sparse, understated and yet vibrant and welcoming.
The timbres of the three instruments create an uncommon ensemble. Lino’s choices of instruments are unexpected and his ideas beautiful whilst maintaining an almost primitive ritualistic feel. As is Alireza’s approach to performances on the santur; his sensitivity is remarkable and completely in sympathy with his fellow musicians. It’s an entirely spontaneous method of composition bordering on alchemy. Markus too
astonishes yet again with his very personal sound and effortless skill to spin infinite melodic inventions and variations on a theme. Together they converse in a shared musical language, alternating between profound and sweetly tender exchanges to produce
music very much of the moment but also – incredibly – an undisputedly durable music demanding repeated listening. A form of neoclassical-ambient-jazz, if you must put a name to it. Art music, perhaps, if that term doesn’t satisfy. Or better still, call it Free Spirits at play and forget the categories that constrict free expression.

Paul Roland