Across Mountains

Markus Stockhausen trumpet & flugelhorn, voice
Vangelis Katsoulis piano & electronics
Arild Andersen bass & loops

The Greek pianist Vangelis Katsoulis, the German trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and the Norwegian bass player Arild Andersen have known each other since 1996 when they were involved in a project in Athens. Across Mountains was born at a time when travelling and concerts were being made impossible. The musicians decided to use their time and creativity and engaged themselves in an online-recording project, embarking on a journey of free exploration. Vangelis and Markus started as a duo, but soon invited Arild to join them. Soundtracks were sent backwards and forwards, ideas rebounded like balls, each musician recorded at home overdub. In this way six pieces came about between August 2020 and May 2021. The pieces of music collected here thus document an exceptional period: the music would never have been born in this way, had one been able to play and record live together.

In the course of composing and recording, problems of understanding and synchronisation arose. But the musicians were in no hurry and gathered valuable experience, at the same time enjoying themselves! In particular the unusual recording process led to unexpected and surprising musical results.

The title „Across the Mountains“ suggests on the one hand the obstacles that had to be overcome in the creative process, but also the spatial division – from Athens via Erftstadt (near Cologne) to Oslo – that had to be traversed. This music has covered considerable stretches in space and time, but emotionally there was no distance at all. It is a testimony of a long standing musical friendship.


“Music that floats, expands, breathes, inviting the listener to fly metaphorically over the mountains of the record’s title.” – NDR
“All the tracks on this album elude an elegant and sonorous quality, irrespective of the composer. It is the perfect interplay or rather the successful mixture that gives them their character. Markus Stockhausen is on top form here together with Vangelis Katsoulis and Arild Andersen.” – NDR
“Well rounded and coherent, the music has a shared vision and presence. Supreme.” – Jazzpodium
“Incredible musicianship that seemingly effortless and without recourse to effects conjures up atmospheres of soaring sounds, rich in texture and interesting details. (…) A beautiful piece of music.” – jazz-fun
“A wonderfully atmospheric and sensual trio album…” – nrwjazz
“With consummate ease, the instruments engage with each other. Piano and trumpet gently tease each other forward, electronic sound collages synthesising the melodies into ethereal compositions.” –

Previous joint albums:

Through the Dark (Lyra, 1996) Vangelis, Arild, Markus
Kartà (ECM, 2000) Markus, Arild
Joyosa (Enja, 2004) Markus, Arild
Electric Treasures (Aktivraum, 2008) Markus, Arild
Symphonic Colours (Aktivraum 2009) Markus, Arild
Silent Voyage (Libra, 2003) Vangelis, Arild
An Unbearably Short Glance (Libra, 2006) Vangelis, Arild
The Exile Of Dreams (VBlue Note, 2009) Vangelis, Arild
Sing as if nobody’s listening (Utopia, 2013) Vangelis, Arild, Markus

Across Mountains
Markus Stockhausen – Trumpet & Flugelhorn & Voice
Vangelis Katsoulis – Piano & Electronics
Arild Andersen – Bass & Loops

1 BEYOND THE DARK 10:12 (Katsoulis)
2 TO SEE 12:54 (Stockhausen)
4 THE REBEL 03:07 (Stockhausen)
5 ARCO FLIGHT 10:21 (Andersen)
6 ACROSS MOUNTAINS 13:40 (Stockhausen)

Total Time 55:55

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