I wish all people of this precious Earth to find inner PEACE,

with oneself and with one’s family, friends and neighbours. Enjoy good music. Music is a vehicle to our deepest feelings, to our soul.

  • Moving Sounds New CD by Moving Sounds: Ritual two people, one space, making the moment audible, our ritual, no words – just music.
    sample or more about Moving Sounds incl. new video.
  • Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber New CD: ALBA by INSIDE OUT In July 2015 Florian Weber and Markus Stockhausen recorded together with producer Manfred Eicher for ECM in Lugano. ALBA is available now !! CD ALBA
  • All About Jazz review on ALBA “A welcome return to ECM for Stockhausen and an impressive label debut for Weber, Alba represents two musicians distanced by nearly twenty years but brought together through a common sense of purpose, rare intuitive abilities, and exceptional instrumental acumen and improvisational élan.” Complete article
    Also, ALBA is climbing up in the german jazz charts!


Klangmeditation in Bielefeld

22:00 pm Altstädter Nicolaikirche, Bielefeld Markus Stockhausen zu Gast beim Sing! Fest in Bielefeld. Spätestens seit dem Sing! Fest in der Oetkerhalle ist klar: Der Satz „Ich kann nicht singen! “ gilt nicht.

03/07/2016 - 06/07/2016

Vom Klang zur Stille - Heilsame Klänge

18:00 pm Benediktushof, Holzkirchen/Unterfranken für SängerInnen und Instrumentalisten In diesem Seminar erforschen wir gemeinsam die heilsame Wirkung von harmonischen Klängen auf unseren Körper und unsere Psyche.

Moving Sounds


Moving Sounds playing in the Dolomiti, Italy

13:00 pm Rifugio Bergvabundenhütte, Val di Fassa, Gruppo Costabella ' Cima Uomo Intuitive music in harmony with the mountains, the sky and the people present. Invited by „Suoni delle Dolomiti“ Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen will perform up in the mountains.

Markus Stockhausen

11/07/2016 - 13/07/2016

International Seminar Intuitive Music and More with Electronics

11:00 am Pavilion Palmanova, Forte Marghera, Venice-Mestre, Italy International 3-day seminar directed by Markus Stockhausen The issue of this special workshop is the exploration of Intuitive Music, using mainly electronic instruments, or conventional instruments with electronic enrichments / sound manipulations.

Markus Stockhausen


Markus Stockhausen with students at Forte Maghera, Venice

21:00 pm Forte Marghera, Venice - Mestre, Italy Final workshop concert given by the participants with Markus Stockhausen. After 3 days of intense work musicians from different backgrounds using their electronic instruments will join forces for a final public concert.

Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber


Inside Out spielt beim Asphalt Festival in Düsseldorf

20:00 pm Weltkunstzimmer /Glashalle, Düsseldorf Eine besondere Location, ein schöner Sommertag … Markus Stockhausen und Florian Weber stellen ihre neue ECM – CD “ALBA” in Düsseldorf vor.

18/07/2016 - 24/07/2016

Intuitive Music and More

09:00 am Paros, Griechenland The seminar Intuitive Music and More is open to all musicians who are interested in improvisation and already have some experience in improvisation, and who can play their instruments.


Night has a thousand eyes

21:00 pm Parc Theatre, Paros, Cycladic Island, Greece Tara Bouman – Maria Deli – Vasilis Rakopoulos – Markus Stockhausen Under the thousand eyes of the night, musicians explore the Sky in their own way with ethereal wondering sounds.