I wish all people of this precious Earth to find inner PEACE,

with oneself and with one’s family, friends and neighbours. Enjoy good music. Music is a vehicle to our deepest feelings, to our soul.

  • New CD by Moving Sounds: Ritual two people, one space, making the moment audible, our ritual, no words – just music.
    sample or more about Moving Sounds incl. new video.
  • Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber New CD: ALBA by INSIDE OUT In July 2015 Florian Weber and Markus Stockhausen recorded together with producer Manfred Eicher for ECM in Lugano. ALBA is available now !! CD ALBA
  • All About Jazz review on ALBA “A welcome return to ECM for Stockhausen and an impressive label debut for Weber, Alba represents two musicians distanced by nearly twenty years but brought together through a common sense of purpose, rare intuitive abilities, and exceptional instrumental acumen and improvisational élan.” Complete article
    Also, ALBA is climbing up in the german jazz charts!

World population

If humanity continues to grow as fast as it has in recent decades, an estimated 11 billion people will live on earth by 2100. Do we want this?

At the moment, the earth is home to about 7.37 billion people. About 1.3 billion people live in Africa, with the number set to double (!) by 2040. Population growth-rates are similar in other densely populated areas of the planet. If nothing changes, the world’s population explosion may prove unsustainable, not least due to the myriad problems associated with the provision of food, clean drinking water, education, health care and housing.

The governments of countries with the most drastic population growth need to make intensive efforts to inform their people that population growth does not lead to greater happiness, but to more poverty and misery. On the radio, on television, in the daily newspapers, on the internet, and on social media, these problems need to be addressed continuously. To help the people of the world’s remote regions be better informed. In fact, everybody should KNOW how many we are and how many be might soon be.
I therefore call for a global information campaign.


Moving Sounds in Friedrichstadt

18:00 pm Remonstrantenkirche, Friedrichstadt a/d Eider Die Klarinettenvirtuosin Tara Bouman (Klarinette, Bassklarinette) und der Ausnahmetrompeter und musikalische Grenzgänger Markus Stockhausen (Trompete, Piccolo-Trompete, Flügelhorn) spielen seit dem Jahr 2002 als Duo MOVING SOUNDS zusammen.

29/09/2017 - 01/10/2017

Seminar Intuitive Music and More in Freiburg

19:00 pm Pianohaus Lepthien, Freiburg Das Seminar “Intuitive Music and More“ wendet sich an alle MusikerInnen, Instrumentalisten und SängerInnen, die sich für Improvisation interessieren.

 Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen und Florian Richter


Inside Out spielt in Trier

20:00 pm Tagungszentrum der IHK Trier, Trier Der JTI Trier Jazz Award wird in 2017 an den deutschen Musiker Markus Stockhausen verliehen. Die vorherigen Preisträger waren: Marylin Mazur (2010), Oliver Strauch (2011), Toots Thielemans (2012), Pascal Schumacher (2013), Andrea Bollani (2014), Nicole Johänntgen (2015) sowie Iiro Rantala (2016).

Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber


Inside Out in Schwäbisch Hall

19:30 pm Hospitalkirche, Schwäbisch Hall Florian Weber, Echo- und WDR-Jazz-Preisträger, und Markus Stockhausen, mit dem Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichneter Trompeter und Komponist, bewegen sich völlig frei zwischen den Klangwelten.

05/10/2017 - 08/10/2017

Singen und Stille - Wenn die Seele singt

18:00 pm Benediktushof, Holzkirchen/Unterfranken Singen (Tönen) als Weg zum Selbst. Der Klang unserer Stimmen als Medium, um ganz bei uns selbst anzukommen, inneren Frieden zu finden.



Quadrivium gastiert im Blue Note Osnabrück

20:30 pm Blue Note, Osnabrück Quadrivium auf CD-Release Tour – herzlich willkommen ! Das Quartett um Markus Stockhausen bringt neue Kompositionen und viel freie, inspirierte Musik zu Gehör.



Quadrivium gastiert im Magazin in Gladbeck

20:00 pm Magazin - FineArtJazz, Gladbeck Quadrivium auf CD-Release Tour – herzlich willkommen ! Das Quartett um Markus Stockhausen bringt neue Kompositionen und viel freie, inspirierte Musik zu Gehör.



Quadrivium plays in Budapest

20:00 pm Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest HU Markus Stockhausen will present his new CD „Far into the Stars“ (OKeh Records / Sony Music) with his jazz quartet.