Markus Stockhausen Group

Markus Stockhausen flh/tp
Jeroen van Vliet piano, synth
Jörg Brinkmann cello
Christian Thomé drums

On April 5, 2024 the group has released the new double album called CELEBRATION with six guest soloists, published by o-tone music.
The soloists are:

Tamara Lukasheva voc
Rabih Lahoud voc
Nguyên Lê e-guitar
Mateusz Smoczynski violin
Levan Andria cello
Bodek Janke tabla, drums

See the Celebration trailer

CD Cover: Celebration – Markus Stockhausen Group (2024)
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Concerts by the Markus Stockhausen Group 2024

24.1. Innsbruck
25.1. Lörrach
26.1. München Unterfahrt
23.2. Ismaning
02.3. Overath
03.3. Darmstadt Stadtkirche
18.4. Kaiserslautern, v Franz von Chossy and Nguyên Lê
19.4. Stuttgart, Petruskirche, with Nguyên Lê
10.5. Rabat, Maroc, Jazz au Chellah, with Mateusz Smoczynski and Aziz Sahmaoui
24.5. Essen
28.6. Jazz Baltica Timmendorf
16.7. Vidauban, Frankreich, with Nguyên Lê
17.7. Junas, Frankreich, with Nguyên Lê
11.8. Wuppertal, Skulpturenpark, 18 Uhr
16.8. Brasov (Kronstadt), Rumänien
17.8. RO-Ocnele Mari, Rumänien, The Jazz Cave Festival, Trio
20.9. St. Wendel, with Nguyên Lê
05.10. Weimar, with Franz von Chossy
19.10. Wien, Porgy & Bess, with Franz von Chossy
20.10. Budapest Music Festival, im BMC großer Saal, with Franz von Chossy
08.11. Madrid Jazz Festival
23.11. Herdecke, mit Levan Andria
27.11. Neuss

The music of the Markus Stockhausen Group is clearly shaped by the roots of European art music. Stockhausen’s compositions form a harmonious synthesis with the art of improvisation with a lightness, a kind of playfulness, strong emotional expressions and also sometimes humorous. Open passages allow spontaneous creations.

All four musicians are virtuosos on their instruments and have a broad palette of playing experience, based on classical, jazz and avantguarde experiences. Electronic sounds enhance the group’s sound scapes. The music feels close to jazz, but can amaze a more classically – or contemporary – minded audience just as much. In 2021 pianist Jeroen van Vliet joined the group, adding his unique voice to the bands sound.

The Markus Stockhausen Group is supported by the county of North-Rhine-Westfalia for the years 2021-23. This enables them to move on, especially in the hard times of the Corona pandemic.

New video autumn 2022

Markus Stockhausen Group – HERE WE ARE

On August 27th, 2021 the new 3-CD-set TALES has been released by o-tone music.

Previous CD in 2017: FAR INTO THE STARS released by OKeh/Sony

Here two more recent videos:

Markus Stockhausen Group – TALES – Improvisations

and Markus Stockhausen Group – live at the palatia jazz festival

Quote form a concert critic by the Rheinpfalz newspaper on Dec. 29, 2020: “Original Sound”

The rising and decreasing dynamic is typical for the group’s sound. As if they were breathing like one organsim. … The Markus Stockhausen Group is able to create a pleasant harmonious sound, without sounding ‘flat’. There was a fine balance between structure and free spaces and a surpising coordination between the musicians regarding dynamics and structure. The intention to create a unique ‘band sound’ succeeded.
by Gereon Hoffmann

From a concert review in the BONNER GENERAL ANZEIGER on Sept. 9, 2021 – “A Meeting of Three Worlds” – The Markus Stockhausen Group at the Harmonie, Bonn

Classic, Jazz and New Music are not separate worlds. Nobody knows and demonstrates this better than Markus Stockhausen, the world famous trumpeter and flugelhorn player. As part of the Beethoven Festival he made a guest appearance in the Endenich Harmonie with his Markus Stockhausen Group consisting of Jörg Brinkmann (Cello), Christian Thome (Drums) and the new addition Heroen van Vlies (Piano/Keyboard).
„Far into the Stars“, „A Smile“, „Warmlicht“, „Shades of Bliss“ or „Destiny“: for two hours the four musicians played not only pieces from the three CD release „Tales“ but also old and familiar pieces, the names of which also reflected the program.
Program can also be used to describe the ensemble itself; a genuine group rather than a collection of egos. Never is one musician denigrated to merely an accompaniment of another. Even the slowest of floating horn notes complement super fast drum beats. They are in this together creating something like solo music – both highly concentrated and light as a feather. This ease and harmony never decays into superficial pleasantry but continually demands intellectual and emotional presence from the audience.
Stockhausen and his companions achieve with their music three things simultaneously. They elevate Classic into the Modern. They free Jazz from convulsive gymnastics. And possibly the most significant, they have relieved New Music from the chilling confines of the intellect and given it human dimensions and a balance full of soul.
by Wolfgang Pichler

Markus Stockhausen Group

markus stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen, trumpet soloist and composer, son of Karlheinz Stockhausen, has collaborated extensively with his father worldwide. He grew up with classical, jazz and avantguarde music alike, and since 2002 Markus focusses on his own composed an improvised music, including a kind of devotional, intuitive music that transcends all musical styles. He lead and recorded numerous jazz projects. More than 90 CD recordings. As a teacher he regularly gives seminars on “Singing and Silence” as well as on “Intuitive Music And More”. Winner of WDR Jazz prize 2005, JTI Jazz prize 2017, „Silberne Stimmgabel des Landes NRW 2017“, Echo Jazz prize 2018

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