International Academy “Intuitive Music and More”

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Director: Markus Stockhausen

The object of this Academy is to educate musicians from all background styles in intuitive performance, and to show them a path to the making of professional Intuitive Music. The only precondition is a solid instrumental or vocal technique. Improvising experience is, of course, very welcome but not necessary. An important part of these international courses is the exchange with other musicians, and getting to know and respect their different ways of playing.

The Academy will take place in different locations and different countries, and will initially always be under the direction of Markus Stockhausen. In order to promote an open dialogue, a forum is going to be created at this internet site, where content and thoughts about Intuitive Music, and comments from the course participants, will be published.

Until now, courses have taken place in Bogliasco (2007-2009), Vianino (2009), Konservatorium Venedig (2009), Dresden (Palucca Schule 2007/08), Konservatorium Monopoli (2007), Bonn Bundeskunsthalle (2009), Alanus Akademie Alfter (1990/91), Sassari (2009), Akademie Sandkrughof in Schnakenbek (2008), Festival Cervantino in Guanajato, Mexico (2008), at the Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar (2007-08), Konservatorium Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (2008), Naxos (2012), Paros 2013/2014), Graz (2014), San Quirico s’Orcia (Italien, 2015) etc.

Intuitive Music and More & Intuitive Music Orchestra


Markus Stockhausen

If you wish to organise a course along the lines of the open academy please contact him directly Kontakt .

If you wish to take part in a Seminar please contact the relevant organiser.

Courses can be held in German, English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Markus Stockhausen will also be giving courses in Singing and Silence