Aspects of free improvisation

Recorded during the Impro-Winters Dance plan Dresden, February, 10.-12th, 2010 by Markus Stockhausen.

Intuitive Music and More & Intuitive Music Orchestra


leading – accompanying – equality of instruments
contrasting – polyphon thought – layering
as in discussion: dialogue – question/answer – comment – invitation – rejection – re-enquiry – demonstration of interest, excitement… – refusal – understanding
support – strengthening
imitation – variation
parallel playing – playing independently
interruption – ignoring
reticence – pausing – stagnation
perception: hearing everything – feeling – attentiveness
sequence of a form – conscious organisation of beginning – also end, respect for the natural conclusion, no unnecessary prolonging
placement of culmination
harmony – disharmony
awareness: which impulses do I contribute to the playing, do I touch, invite, express..?
which qualities: positive – negative, light/dark
constructive – chaotic (disordered) – destructive
soothing – disruptive
taking responsibility for every sound/note
only playing when an impulse is really felt, heard by the inner ear (honesty)
aesthetics (continuation below)

Music and dance

action – reaction
speed – tempo – time structures
perception of space – perception of all participants
division of space: on which level (including height), line, movement in space (circle, spiral, line, crossing etc.)
dimension of gesture – of sound (correspondence in dynamics, pitch, interval etc.)
radiation – presence – intensity
warmth – coolness: level of emotion or absence, inspired – mechanical
qualities: airy, flowing, tough, hard
acceptance – neutrality – rejection – permeability
pleasure – joy – pain – sadness – humour
authenticity (being oneself) – originality – (phantasy, inventiveness) – drama
transformation (for example inner rejection into creative action)
mirror – mirroring
as with Handball (first control the ball then pass on) – Volleyball (immediate passing on of the ball)
taking responsibility for each movement
aesthetics: beautiful, ugly, fine, brutal, superficial etc.