How can I prepare myself for an “Intuitive Music and More” course?

Intuitive Music and More

Ear training exercises (best with two people)

  • perform – play back
  • recognising intervals
  • recognising scales
  • Practice all scales (see scheme)
  • practice scales with a metronome: in quarters, eighths, triplets, sixteenths, sextuplets etc.
  • scale improvisation exercises using 5, then 7 pitches, then in the whole range of a scale.
  • atonal improvisation exercises, using all 12 pitches as equals.
  • Improvisations with noises, sounds.
  • Improvisations with inner images, associations, colors etc.

Course Content

Exercises in listening, scales, improvisation. Playing alone, with two players, three players, in larger groups; in different styles and different rhythms; formal structures; polyphonic playing, sounds in space, wandering improvisations etc. Concentration and meditation exercises. Preparation of a final concert (possibly public).