WILD LIFE, a 3-CD-set has been released in June 2020 by Sony/OKeh records.
In 2021 WILD LIFE has been nominated for the German Jazz Award.
A short video trailer can be seen below. The original film with 29’ duration by Denis Pavlovic called WILD LIFE SESSION ONE can be seen here .


Markus Stockhausen, tp, flh, electronics
Simon Stockhausen, keyboards, electronics, sax
Florian Weber, piano, electronics
Jörg Brinkmann, cello, electronics
Michelangelo Flammia, electric bass
Christian Thomé, drums, electronics
Bodek Janke, drums, tabla

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OKeh / 19075986332 (3CDs) / distribution: SonyMusic

Comment of a listener:

The sounds you create on your instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn) and more importantly within a group is just astonishing and how it all drifts away from each other and comes back towards each other is just great. I wish more people could feel the intention and intensity of your music and I would wish the power of music could heal the wounds people create. Especially in the times we live now.
For me your music has a very special, healing place. I hope you keep playing for a long long time and your sounds will cover the world with healing and fill the hearts with pleasure. I can cry but it is most of the time a cry of beauty. It is very strange, but crying can be healing and set free emotions otherwise hidden and buried.“
Marcel Michorius, March 2022