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Markus Stockhausen solo The name PHOENIX stands for intuitive solo improvisation. Sound can elevate the listener, can give his imagination wings and open the inner space of phantasy, perception and consciousness.

Moving Sounds

Music which directs you to the inner self, which invites you to become still. Musica Sacra – this beautifully describes the intuitively played music of Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen.

Inside out

New: Trio mit Joey Baron Markus Stockhausen I Flügelhorn, Trompete Florian Weber I Piano Joey Baron I Drums Enthusiasm coupled with outstanding ability.

Markus Stockhausen Group

Markus Stockhausen flh/tp Jeroen van Vliet piano, synth Jörg Brinkmann cello Christian Thomé drums News: On April 5, 2024 the group has released the new double album called CELEBRATION with six guest soloists, published by o-tone music.


Ferenc Snétberger, “a musical cosmopolitan” (Die Welt), hails from a musical family in Hungary. He played guitar at an early age learning from his father.



Markus Stockhausen I Trumpet and Flugelhorn Alireza Mortazavi I Santur Since 2015 Alireza Mortazavi and Markus Stockhausen have been performing together.

Eternal Voyage

Seven friends from different nations, cultures and musical backgrounds, find a common path through playing music that transcends boundaries and is unlike anything that has been heard before.

Sound meditation

Markus Stockhausen plays solo flugelhorn and piano and in doing so invites all to improvise with their singing voices.

Intuitive Music Orchestra

For many years Markus Stockhausen has been giving courses in “Intuitive Music and More”. It was participants from these courses that provided the nucleus of the IMO which was founded in 2013.

Search for Buddha

A world music symphony, a musical extravaganza with a universal message of peace for our times. East meets west: The music is a fusion of Indian, Tibetan and other world music, interwoven with the modern western symphony orchestra and international soloists.

Between Earth and Sky, Matter and Spirit

Progressive Intuitive Music Beyond stylistic boundaries, open for the moment’s inspiration, with strong imaginative sound scapes, which uplift the listeners phantasy, the three musicians from Italy and Germany create music on a high musical and technical level, contemporary in its true sense.

Wild Life

Electronic music – intuitive music – jazz – contemporary music – all present in this dynamic project.

Wild Life Trio

Intuitive Music created in the Now, Real Time Composing – instrumental und electronic sounds which are simultaneously created from the acoustic signals.


Progressive sound scapes performed by three masters of improvisation. Markus Stockhausen I trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics Stefan Poetzsch I violine, viola, electronics Christian Thomé I drums, percussion, electronics Intuitive Music beyound stylistic boundaries.

Further projects

On special request Markus Stockhausen gives concerts with the following musicians: Patrice Héral – drums, vocals, electronics Arild Andersen – bass Fabio Mina – flutes, duduk, electronics Joey Baron – drums Stefan Poetzsch – violin, viola, electronics Vladislav Sendecki – piano Jasper van’t Hof – piano Fabrizio Ottaviucci – piano Dinesh Mishra – bansuri Vasilis Rakopoulos – guitar Stephanie Lepp – flute, bansuri Trio Amadei: Lilly Amadei – violine Antonio Amadei – cello Marco Amadei – piano Miroslav Tadic – guitar Mark Nauseef – percussion Enrique Diaz – bass, vocals Simon Stockhausen – keyboards, electronics Alireza Mortazavi – santur


- A great sound travels around the world - In todays world, Peace is more important than ever. Music has the power to transcend borders and unite people.

Weitere Projekte

Markus Stockhausen gibt auf Anfrage auch immer wieder Konzerte mit folgenden Musikern:

  • Patrice Héral – Schlagzeug, Stimme, Electronics
  • Arild Andersen – Bass
  • Simon Stockhausen – Keyboards, Electronics
  • Fabio Mina – Flöten, Duduk, Electronics
  • Joey Baron – drums
  • Stefan Poetzsch – Violine, Viola, Electronics
  • Vladislav Sendecki – Piano
  • Stephanie Lepp – Flöte, Bansuri
  • Miroslav Tadic – Gitarre
  • Mark Nauseef – Perkussion
  • Enrique Diaz – Bass, Vocal