Tanzendes Licht & Trimorphum

Markus Stockhausen with the Swiss Jazz Orchestra and the Camerata Bern. Tanzendes Licht is one of his finest compositions.

In 2007 Securitas AG, a Swiss security company, celebrated its 100th anniversary. They wanted to celebrate the occasion with something special on a cultural level. Chairman of the board Samuel Spreng came up with the idea of bringing together the Camerata Bern and the Swiss Jazz Orchestra for the first time. This project was instantly approved by both orchestras and it quickly developed a momentum of it’s own. As a result two unique compositions were created: “Dancing Light” by Markus Stockhausen as the anniversary concert on September 4, 2007 which premiered in part in Bern, and “Trimorphum” by Philip Henzi which premiered on November 20, 2007 at the Paul Klee Center in Bern. This recording is a live cut of the concert as part of the BeJazz Winter Festivals Bern on January 20, 2008. Many thanks to the organizer BeJazz and the festival director Fabio Baechtold.

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Markus Stockhausen
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet
Philip Henzi
Swiss Jazz Orchestra
Camerata Bern

1. Trimorphum 11:45
2. Tanzendes Licht 4:51
3. Tanzendes Licht 5:25
4. Tanzendes Licht 5:11
5. Tanzendes Licht 4:28
6. Tanzendes Licht 3:37
7. Tanzendes Licht 8:02

Aktivraum, AR 10310


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