for Solo Trumpet, Soprano and Ensemble (2005).

ANY WAY was commissioned by Martyn Brabbins for the Cheltenham Music Festival 2005 and performed by the Cheltenham Festival Players under M. Brabbin’s direction. The idea was to create a piece that first was composed for jazz trio (and performed) and then to make an ensemble version that could be played by classical musicians as well. So ANY WAY is a hybrid piece: it is conventionally notated but includes improvisations for the trumpet soloist as well as the other players in the fourth movement. All together there are five movements, thus the whole form has a classical approach also.

ANY WAY has been performed in England, Italy and Hungary, and another very fine performance took place in September 2012 with members of the Hamburg Symphonic Orchestra, including my fellow musicians from the trio LICHTBLICK: Angelo Comisso on piano and Christian Thomé on drums. This also was the first German performance of ANY WAY, conducted by Bruno Merse.-


Solo Trumpet /Flugelhorn in Bb
high Soprano
Flute / Alto Flute
Clarinet / Bass Clarinet in Bb
Horn in F
Violon Cello
Double Bass
Percussion: 4 different cymbals
4 differently tuned toms,
Triangel, Hi-hat, Bass drum

25 min.

Aktivraum Musikverlag, Köln 2005
ISMN: M-700233-16-7