for two melody instruments (2002)

This small composition Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen often played at the beginning of a concert in churches, where they came in playing from behind the public, walking left and right inside the church to the front and ending the piece only there.

KAREN has been written for a lady friend who was ill at the time, to give her joy and some relief, a melody for healing. People loved this music and often asked us to perform it again. It can be played by any two melody instruments of the same register, also transposed to any key. At each repeat the voices are changed.
Have fun playing this, and let us know about your experience …


2 Melody Intsruments

Aktivraum Musikverlag, Köln 2006
ISMN: M-700233-18-1

Sheet Music:
You can download the music here for free.
Karen Music