for mixed choir a capella, a big drum and solo trumpet ad lib.

Christus (Christ) was composed in Caen, at my sister Suja’s house, while I was visiting her in 1998. The piece tries, in a simple and striking manner, to touch something in us which I find fundamental. The word CHRISTUS is sung like a mantram again and again. A big and low drum is giving a soft, steady beat from the beginning. A solo trumpet (or maybe another instrument) can start improvising along with the choir starting at bar 33, then pause at bar 113 and later join again. The choir part maybe strenuous for the high soprano voices, therefore the singers can breathe or rest alternating. If the whole composition is too high for the voices, the piece may be transposed down a minor third, then starting in G major. You can download the music for free below. I would be happy to receive notice of your performance, just write to: music

Christus (1998)

mixed choir, 4 voices
big low drum, soft beater
Solo Trumpet improvising ad lib.

Duration: about 8 min.

Aktivraum Musikverlag, Köln 2003
ISMN M-700233-09-9

You can download the music for free here:
Christus Noten