10 Modules for large Jazz Ensemble and one Soloist (1997).

MODULES had been commissioned by Wolfgang Hirschmann for the WDR Big Band Cologne and was first performed on Dec. 18th 1997 at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall, with Peter Erskine on drums, and the band was conducted by Vince Mendoza.
The soloist’s part is totally free. He (she) can play play single Modules, improvise on them or pause, while Modules are being played by others. The conductor and soloist may indicate spontaneously Modules to be played. Several Modules can be played simultaneously, with different dynamics for example.
Soloists from the band my be invited to improvise. Also several soloists may play simultaneously. It all depends on the imagination of the conductor and main soloist, who should complement and recognise each other’s intentions.


MODULES with the WDR Big Band, Markus Stockhausen, Simon Stockhausen, Jens Neufang, Frank Chastenier, Peter Erskine, Vince Mendoza (unfortunately only half of the sounds can be heard …) – at the end of this film you can also see the composition “Dancing Fifteen” by Simon and Markus Stockhausen – enjoy.

  • WDR Big Band Complexity

Live Recording

Here you can listen to a recording of MODULES performed by the CCJO (Cologne Composers Jazz Orchestra) and Markus Stockhausen on February 1st, 2004 at the Stadtgarten, Cologne.


one soloist (or even several)
large Jazz Ensemble with free instrumentation

about 15-30 min.

Score in C
transposed parts available for all instruments
part for soloist

Aktivraum Musikverlag, Köln 1997
ISMN: M-700233-07-5