Free Spirits Live

Markus Stockhausen & Lino Capra Vaccina, with Alireza Mortazavi
The musicians will present their new album FREE SPIRITS released by Dark Compagnion Records

Markus Stockhausen trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Lino Capra Vaccina vibraphone, gong, chimes, cymbals, timpani, drums
Alireza Mortazavi santur

From the CD-booklet text:

“This extraordinary music is the result of Max Marchini’s inspiration to invite two very different musicians to come together in the spirit of mutual collaboration. Lino and Markus always had great respect for each other, but it wasn’t until they were brought together in a recording studio that they each immediately recognized a like-minded spirit and produced music that is truly exceptional. Alireza joined them shortly after.
All three musicians are sensitive in their own way and at the same time intense, fiercely independent and yet sympathetic and finely attuned to each other. It was a revelation both to them and to those present at the session to hear the way they worked together, how closely their characters matched and the music evolved as naturally as if they had been playing together for years…
It’s an entirely spontaneous method of composition bordering on alchemy. Call it Art music, or better still, Free Spirits at play.”
Paul Roland

Freitag, 17. Juni 2022

21.30 - 23.00 Uhr

Santa Chiara
Stradone Farnese

Email contact:
Tel. +39 0523 311111 / +39 0523 311190