Intuitive Music and More

This master class, led by Markus Stockhausen, is open to all musicians who are interested in improvisation and have already some experience in improvisation and can play their instrument well.

The Art of Improvisation, Creativity, and Listening

There are many things to be learned and observed in free improvisation: from scales, rhythms, to the instant composing of the form, and before all, “the Art of Listening” to each other. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding ways of music making today, and it stimulates the creative spirit of every musician.

Markus Stockhausen will be working with advanced musicians of all musical styles on improvisation with a special emphasis on the intuitive. In doing so, participants will explore creativity and awareness, knowledge and feeling, the art of listening, focussing on the practical element.
Requirement: Participants have to bring their own instruments (except piano available). For your preparation please practise the basic scales in all keys, see pdf download.

„Intuitive Music for me is the most challenging and also most rewarding way of making music, because everything is decided on the spot. It goes beyond improvisation, which mostly happens in a certain expected style, on a song, on a chosen rhythm, a harmonic pattern etc. Intuitive music for me has no stylistic boundaries, it should ideally be fresh, music of this very moment. Everything is decided right now. It demands all your musical skills, the technical and the musical qualities, your fantasy and creative spirit. As a player you need a very still and open mind, and even more open ears, to perceive something beyond your personal limitations. Sometimes you play things that are new even to yourself. Especially in a group of players new music comes that otherwise could have never been composed or imagined.“ (MS, 2011)

Intuitive music and more


INTUITIVE MUSIC AND MORE in der Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Concert, 2012
INTUITIVE MUSIC AND MORE in der Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Workshop, 2012
POSSIBLE WOLRDS (1) with dance, 2004
POSSIBLE WOLRDS (2) with dance, 2004

Markus Stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen, trumpet soloist and composer, son of Karlheinz Stockhausen, has collaborated extensively with his father worldwide. He grew up with classical, jazz and avantguarde music alike, and since 2002 Markus focusses on his own composed an improvised music, including a kind of devotional, intuitive music that transcends all musical styles. He lead and recorded numerous jazz projects. More than 90 CD recordings. As a teacher he regularly gives seminars on “Singing and Silence” as well as on “Intuitive Music And More”. Winner of WDR Jazz prize 2005, JTI Jazz prize 2017, „Silberne Stimmgabel des Landes NRW 2017“, Echo Jazz prize 2018.

Wednesday, 18. August 2021 -
Monday, 23. August 2021

Wed., 17.00 pm - Mon., 14.00 pm

Villa Flangini
Via Foresto Di Pagnano 4
31011 Asolo, Italy

Final concert on Aug. 22nd

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