Markus Stockhausen performing with the Ensemble Dissonanzen: Musica Porosa II

Ensemble Dissonanzen: Tommaso Rossi (recorder and flutes), Ciro Longobardi (piano), Francesco D’Errico (keyboard & electronics), Marco Cappelli (guitar), Stefano Costanzo (drums), Renato Grieco (double bass)

A special concert of Intuitive Music.

“My ideal is a music which is beyond all stylistic directions, but which denies none. This is the only way to allow intuition to be really free, and to produce a music which takes all circumstances into account (the acoustics and quality of the space, the time of day, the quality and willingness of the other musicians, one’s own feeling, the listeners present, the momentary inspiration), and thus gives the musician the greatest possible freedom of expression. This is perhaps the strictest discipline because it gives the player complete responsibility. He decides on the pitch material, the structure, the expression – the complete form of the music, and that in real time. And the target is, for Markus Stockhausen, an integrated music which above all can touch people and their feelings, give their fantasy wings, lift them.”
Markus Stockhausen

Freitag, 25. Mai 2018

21.00 - 23.00 Uhr

Centro Domus Ars, San Francesco delle Monache

Napoli, Italia