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Ich habe diese Informationsseite erstellt, damit sich möglichst viele Menschen informieren können über 5G.


Markus Stockhausen was born in 1957 and began playing the piano at the age of six. In 1975 he began to study piano and trumpet at the music school in Cologne.

For trumpeters

You can read about the collaboration with my father in the section “With Karlheinz Stockhausen”. There I have also listed the works that he composed for me.

With Karlheinz Stockhausen

I grew up in my mother’s house in Cologne-Marienburg. My parents separated when I was at the early age of seven.

Buch: Im inneren Garten

Ab September 2019 erscheint die 2. erweiterte Ausgabe meines Buches: mit Aphorismen, Gedichten und Texten Hier einige Leserkommentare:.