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Markus Stockhausen was born in 1957 and began playing the piano at the age of six. In 1975 he began to study piano and trumpet at the music school in Cologne.

For trumpeters

I hold seminars entitled “Creative Trumpet Playing”. The emphasis is on interpretation, improvisation, intuitive playing, trumpet technique and breathing technique as well as Yoga and silence exercises; in other words all aspects of the trumpet and the necessary musical, physical and spiritual preparation.

With Karlheinz Stockhausen

I grew up in my mother’s house in Cologne-Marienburg. My parents separated when I was at the early age of seven.

Buch: Im inneren Garten

Vor kurzem erschien mein Buch im Selbstverlag: mit Aphorismen, Gedichten und Texten Hier einige Leserkommentare:.